Monday, 20 August 2012

Radio Mirchi UAE - Talks about Cosmetic Surgery

"Now, one can easily get six pack abs with the help of cosmetic surgery"...OMG ab yeah bhi ho sakta hai :P Chalo abhi batao inhone kya change karvaya hai, looking at the 'before and after' picture ;) Tune in NOW to find out more about stars who've gone under the knife. :D SHARDUL and SUKRITI ;)

Using Priyanka Chopra's Image too tell people the facts of cosmetic surgery wouldn't make any issue to PC. I hope she will understand the thing and the point of view of Radio Mirchi. After all here the the original fact of cosmetic surgery.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Murga and Jalandhar Transfer (Mobile) With RJ Naved

Get ready to burst out laughing as RJ Naved plays this hilarious Mirchi Murga prank. Enjoy! Shantanu ki to Le li Naved ne :D

Naved Ke Stah Mirchi Murga and Matrimonial Ads

As you all know about Naved and his style to made Murga of people around Delhi. This time he is calling being a old man and looking for his soul mate though someone who given Matrimonial Ads to agency. He act like he is having a daugter and asking the person all stuff whatever a father generally ask. At the end how he made this performance funny! So should watch out..Or agar kisi ko murga bannana hai to Sunte rahiye Radio Mirchi 98.3 fM It's Hot!

Be set to roll on the floor laughing as you listen to this simply hilarious Mirchi Murga prank call done by RJ Naved!