Saturday, 26 May 2012

Radio Mirchi, Like your music to be served HOT!!!

Times have changed. Old things are often replaced by new technology and invention. However technology such as the iPod and new MP3 players will still be unable to completely replace the amazing radio stations in our country. Radio is quite popular among the masses. And you will find a lot of people tuned into the remarkable programs on air. One of the most widespread and well known radio stations in the country is Radio Mirchi.

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM is one of the best radio stations in India having nation-wide popularity. Radio Mirchi is on air in most of the metros in the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and many more, having a combined presence in more than 33 cities and 6 metros. In fact it has now gained popularity overseas as well with its launch in United Arab Emirates having tied up with Abu Dhabi Media.

Radio Mirchi mainly targets the youth and young adults. However they also have programs targeted towards housewives and the retired segment.  Some of the popular shows aired on Radio Mirchi are Sunset Samosa- the ultimate prank show having endless entertainment and Purani Jeans- playing retro music from the 60s and 70s. Radio Mirchi also has programs that are city oriented and specific to a particular area only such as Dhemmi Local in Mumbai and Hi Delhi aired in the capital of the country. This radio station is acknowledged for coming up with new and exciting shows that are area specific thus making them popular among the masses for different reasons and programs.

Another favourite segment of the Mirchi lovers is their Mirchi top 20, Angrezi top 20 and Mirchi top 100 countdowns. These countdowns are the most popular songs that are listed and played together and without forgetting to mention the fact that they are extremely loved by Radio Mirchi listeners and also the most sought after segment they have.

Radio Mirchi is the perfect combination of good music, wonderful RJs, unique programs, consumer oriented effort, and extensive listenership thus making it one of the best radio stations in the country.


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