Thursday, 8 May 2014

A Hindu & A Muslim Were Fighting Over Religion On Facebook, Hear Naved's Shame Them Both On Air

Dilli Ka Don Kon? ====> NAVEED!!!

One look at any slightly inflammatory video on Youtube or Facebook will give you a sense of all the latent hatred some people harbour for other religions. RJ Naved from Radio Mirchi found out about two such hateful people. One is a Hindu who wrote offensive things about Muslims. And the other is a Muslim who wrote offensive things about Hindus. So he decided to make them realize the error of their ways in one epic phone call. 

What happened next will make you want to give this guy a standing ovation.

Be Happy and Be Hindustani!~

Social Networking to spread happiness not for religious or any fight! Thank you Naveed!
And the Way he shared the info when, Zakir's son was given blood by Hindu's and When Amit met with accident, those Muslim people admitted him to hospital and stayed with him till his family came. Salute to you Dilli Ka DON!

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